Emiliano Void • Blink Equity

In episode 8, we speak with Emiliano Void, the founder and CEO of @blinkequity. Emiliano is passionate about highlighting systemic problems and solutions, as it relates to black people in the (automotive) workplace. It’s some perspective that can help bring strength to your team, in more ways than you might... (Watch Now)

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Onlia Insurance – Fernand Vartanian

On the 7th episode fo From The Frame Up, we speak with the head of Onlia Insurance. We learn about how the automotive and collision industry has adapted to the pandemic, and what you can do to fully understand and make the best insurance decisions when it comes to your insurance!

Marshall Ferguson • Indy 500

On the 6th episode of From The Frame Up – we talk with TSN, Indy Car analyst Marshall Ferguson to break down the 2021 Indy! The winners, losers, and some of the crazy plot lines that unfolded in this Indy racing spectacle!

Mike Moll • Social Media & Digital Marketing

The importance of a solid digital marketing strategy continues to increase as consumers are online now more than ever. How has the immediate transition to a primarily digital marketplace affected social media and what implications does that have on SEO?

Colin Singh Dhillon • APMA

In the 4th episode of From the Frame Up we sit and chat with a veteran of the automotive industry, Colin Singh Dhillon, the Chief Technical Officer at the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association. We delve into a number of subjects from autonomous vehicles, where vehicles are produced, and most importantly inside the coolest manufacturing project… View Article

Dahlin Brooks • Insight Global

In episode 3 we talk to Insight Global Lead Recruiter, Dahlin Brooks about how to recruit and more importantly, retain top tier talent. When it comes to the automotive service industry and specifically collision repair this is a constant area of focus. Identifying quality technicians, customer service representatives, and managers in our industry is hard… View Article

Rebecca Fyfe • AutoHouse Technologies

In the second episode of From the Frame Up we chatted with Rebecca Fyfe, the Client Development Manager at AutoHouse Technologies about the power of data! We covered a ton of topics including how leveraging data and maximizing its full potential can do more than just tell you about profit and loss – but give… View Article

Shelby Greer • One Local

In the first episode of the From The Frame Up video podcast we chat with Shelby from the customer success team at OneLocal about the online customer journey. With many businesses reacting quickly to the abrupt transition to an online only model, the way consumers navigate the digital space has changed. We break down what… View Article

Start Your Engines

Welcome to From The Frame Up with Jarred Jones! A video podcast where we’ll discuss and investigate everything from digital marketing, to new vehicle technology, establishing a brand, to mapping the customer journey. From the Frame Up explores the automotive world by taking an industry professional off the floor or out of the office and puts them in the passenger’s seat.