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CSN Retouche Rapide is the newest location added to the CSN Collision Centres Quebec roster

The most recent addition to the CSN network is CSN Retouche Rapide based in Saint-Eustache, QC. The 5,000 sq. ft. facility is owned and operated by Sylvain and Claude Laforme who are celebrating 25 years in business. CSN Retouche Rapide has been leading the way in their market when it comes to quality repair and customer satisfaction for years and chose now as the perfect time to become part of the growing footprint of CSN locations across Canada. “CSN is a network of professionals, not amateurs. We did our research and we were convinced that CSN is the network of the future in Quebec,” said Sylvain Laforme, Owner of CSN Retouche Rapide.

Started by Claude and Sylvain Laforme in 1996, CSN Retouche Rapide is well known in the community for being the preferred collision and auto body repairer of choice. The business originally formed as a roadside cosmetic touch-up shop, but as their reputation for quality work grew so did their business. They expanded by deciding to open a full-service repair facility to give their customers a repair experience they deserve. “We never let our customers leave unsatisfied, we make sure they have everything they need,” Laforme said. Going above and beyond to provide that “wow” factor to customers is a common practice. “If the customer has a pre-existing scratch or a dent, we’ll fix that too because it’s about making the customer happy,” said Laforme.

Being involved in charity as a way to continue to give back to the community is something that is important to Laforme. They are annual donors to the Ste-Justine Hospital that specializes in child care. CSN’s charity of choice is Make-A-Wish Canada and so the alignment of CSN Retouche Rapide with the overall goal and mission of CSN Collision Centres goes beyond quality repair. CSN and their network of collision centres believe in helping those in need within the communities they serve both by acting as a trusted advisor for collision and auto body repair and as active charitable members of their communities. “They are a perfect fit for the network, and we are so happy to have Sylvain and his team at CSN Retouche Rapide as the latest CSN location to join the network in Quebec,” said Charles Boivin, CSN Sales Manager for Quebec.

About CSN Retouche Rapide
CSN Retouche Rapide is a family-owned collision and auto body repair facility located in Saint-Eustache. In business since 1996, owners Sylvain and Claude Laforme lead a team of high-quality collision and auto body repair professionals who are committed to giving the community of Saint-Eustache the best possible repair experience. Using eco friendly paint and other modern collision and auto body repair technology, CSN Retouche Rapide is the market leading collision repairer in Saint-Eustache.

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