CSN CONTINENTAL: CSN Expands with Continental Addition to the Network

CSN Continental in Calgary, AB is the latest independent collision repairer to join CSN.

TORONTO, July 2, 2020 – Calgary, Alberta continues to become a hub for some of the strongest collision repairers in Canada and fertile land for CSN’s network expansion. The CSN brand gained another representative in Western Canada this week with the addition of CSN Continental to their quickly expanding collision repair network.

CSN Continental (formerly Continental Auto Body) has been in operation since 1998, serving Calgary and surrounding communities with market leading auto body and collision repair services for more than two decades. Specializing in luxury vehicles has been part of the CSN Continental path to success since they first opened their doors.

“We have a reputation for the quality of our repairs in the community. Everyone knows that our expertise is in European cars and high-end luxury.” said CSN Continental Owner Carmine Giocoli. For the last 20-years the staff at CSN Continental have been focused primarily on the luxury vehicle market. “When my wife Silvana and I took over in 2013 we knew the identity that came with this location and it is something we’re proud to carry on.” Giocoli said. Using their proficiency in the luxury segment to continue their own development, CSN Continental is a part of the Volkswagen Certified Collision Repair Program showing their commitment to serving the mass market in addition to their exclusive luxury niche.

For CSN Continental, the decision to join Team CSN came from the desire to continue to stay ahead of the market. “We wanted to take the next step in developing the business and in the industry today that usually means joining a banner.” Giocoli said. After completing their research on which network best represented their values it was obvious that CSN was the ideal scenario to make good on the dedication to further their business. “Once we decided to join a banner, CSN was the only option as we had heard such good things about the way they do business and how they support their network. We are really confident it’s the best fit for us.” said Giocoli.

CSN Continental was activated as an official CSN Collision Centre on June 30, 2020.

CSN is proud to have the most vehicle manufacturer (OEM) certifications of any network in Canada.

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