At CSN Collision Centres we pride ourselves on being the market leading network of collision repair facilities in the country. We are proud to have the most qualified and experienced owner/operators in Canada, providing our customers with world-class customer service. CSN has the most OEM Certified Collision Centres of any repair network in Canada. At CSN we are raising the bar and setting the standards for the industry when it comes to qualifications, training, and certifications.


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  • “With CSN’s business model I get to make my own decisions with their tools at my disposal”

    Dana Alexander, CSN Dana’s
    Fredericton, NB

  • “The support I receive from CSN from Marketing to Insurance has made all the difference in taking my business to the next level”

    Steven Dupont, CSN Lou’s
    Calgary, AB

  • “With strong insurance relationships, great vendor programs, and manageable fees CSN helped me take my business to the next level”

    Randy Weber, CSN Auto Reset Group
    Walkerton, ON

CSN appoints a sales director in Quebec

The CSN collision centers have made it clear that expanding their business activities in the province of Quebec is one of their top priorities.

To support these efforts, the CSN has hired Charles Boivin as the new sales director for Quebec.

Mr. Boivin joins the CSN after spending six years as an account manager at Audatex Canada. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in communications from Laval University, Mr. Boivin adopts an investigative approach in his profession. Finding solutions to complex… Read More >>>


At CSN we don’t take a percentage of your sales, instead we charge a modest monthly fee that remains consistent over the course of the year. This cost consistency gives you the confidence and flexibility to know how much capital you have to reinvest in your business and continue to grow. Our vendor rebate programs can cover the cost of your monthly fee which means that the surplus will go to your bottom line. With more money in your hands you can maximize your strategy to focus on what matters most, your business!


CSN gives you the freedom to run your business the way you want. We give you the tools and resources you need to help you make the right decisions for your business. We have a wide array of vendor programs that allow you to remain loyal to your existing partners while adding more profit to your bottom line. Being a part of CSN means you are among other like-minded independent business owners who have a proven track record of success and industry expertise to help you take your business to the next level.


CSN will provide you with expert advice and guidance that will elevate your business and put you in the driver’s seat of your future!

  • Insurance Relationships

CSN is known for being the most advanced repair network in Canada. We are recognized by our insurance partners for our outstanding customer service and consistent high-quality repairs. When you join CSN you have the benefit of our stellar insurance relationships that will drive more business to your door!

  • Marketing

Our Marketing department will help you promote your business the right way. You will have a dedicated Regional Manager to assist you in designing a marketing strategy specific to your business. From customizing your online presence with a unique CSN website and fresh social media content to designing your business exterior signage and everything in between. We have the tools and resources to enhance your business profile!

  • Operations

CSN has the best operational support team in the country to help you manage your processes and increase your efficiency. At CSN you will work with an experienced and dedicated Quality Control Analyst and have access to the most qualified and highly trained technical team in Canada.

  • Vendor Programs

CSN vendor rebate programs represent a huge advantage over other networks. With the flexibility of the CSN business model you can keep your existing partnerships and leverage our comprehensive vendor rebates to reinvest in your business!

  • Networking

CSN is not just a network of business owners, we think of ourselves as a family. When you join team CSN you immediately gain allies in the industry that share best practices and experiences that can help you make the right choices for your business.


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