Lift Auto Group acquires Boyd Port Coquitlam, joining the CSN Collision Network  

Boyd Port Coquitlam is under new ownership, marking an exciting transition. The well-established local collision repair shop will now be known as CSN Port Coquitlam and has officially joined the CSN Collision network following its acquisition by Lift Auto Group (Lift).

While the collision repair shop is operating under a new name, its existing staff will remain the same, ensuring continuity in the exceptional service it has become known for. “Everyone from the original team is here. The quality and the level of expertise remains the same,” says new location manager Kelton Azuma-Murchison. “With the additional day-to-day support we receive from Lift, we will have the resources to increase our capacity, while still delivering effective and efficient service to our customers.”

“Every person here is supportive of the transition to Lift. We like the direction, and the way things are being planned to optimize growth,” Azuma-Murchison says. “We’re going to continue serving the community and make sure the local body shop they know and trust continues to meet their needs.”

CSN Port Coquitlam is dedicated to ensuring every vehicle owner’s safety, reliability, and trust by providing high-quality collision and autobody repairs, accompanied by outstanding customer service.

The facility boasts a team of experts in collision and autobody repair, equipped with the latest tools and training to handle a wide range of vehicle damage, from minor scratches to major collision repairs. CSN Port Coquitlam also offers services such as paintless dent repair, vehicle paint services, windshield and glass repair, 24-hour towing, and support for insurance claims.

The shop uses modern technologies to ensure all repair work is done to the highest standards and seeks innovative solutions to streamline the repair process and enhance the overall customer experience. The team is dedicated to getting customers back on the road safely and restoring their vehicles to like-new condition.

CSN Port Coquitlam offers a National Lifetime Warranty, which covers all repair work, regardless of the extent of the repairs, for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

Previous owner Thomson is enjoying an extended vacation and early retirement after spending 41 years in the collision repair shop. A third-generation repairman, he hopes that CSN Port Coquitlam continues to excel in his absence. “I am still going to be the shop’s biggest stakeholder, because I’m someone who is committed to their success,” Thomson says. “I wish nothing but the best for them. I want Lift to take that shop to the moon and continue to grow.”

For more information, visit csnpoco.com.

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