Privacy Policy

We care about your Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We want you to be aware of our commitment to protect the information you share in the course of doing business with us. The purpose of this privacy policy is to disclose to you the type of personal information we gather, how we gather it, what we use it for, and inform you of the choices that you have in our use of your personal information.

The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) is legislation enacted by the Canadian government. That Act outlines the way we may legally use your personal information, and we fully adhere to it. By using our services, you are consenting to the collection of certain types of personal information, outlined below.

You can read more about PIPEDA here.

Your Rights as they Pertain to your Personal and Business Information

You have the right to know why an organization collects, uses or discloses your information. You have the right to expect an organization to handle your information reasonably and to not use it for any other purpose other than the one to which you consented. You have the right to know who in an organization is responsible for protecting your information. You have the right to expect an organization to protect your information from unauthorized disclosure. You have the right to inspect the information an organization holds about you and make sure it is accurate, complete and current. You have the right to expect an organization to destroy your information when requested and when no longer required for the intended purpose. You have the right to confidentially complain to an organization about how it handles your information. You have the right to lodge a complaint about CSN Collision Centres’ practices with respect to your personal data with the supervisory authority of your country.

When we collect personal information

We collect personal information about you when you explicitly provide it to us (CSN Collision Centres), when you visit our website and when you use our services.

Personal information we collect

The types of personal information that we may collect from you are:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your telephone number
  • your e-mail address
  • information you enter into text fields
  • anonymous browser information and cookies

We collect this personal information in a number of ways, either through direct contact or through anonymous tracking sources, for example:

  • when you enter various contests that we conduct
  • when you visit our website
  • when you contact us to ask questions

We also collect what can be called “anonymous/aggregated information”. We collect such information via the following methods:

Browser information. Browser information includes (the URL of the web page you were just on, the IP address of the computer you are using, your domain type, and your browser version. Browser information is automatically recorded as part of transmitting information over the Internet. We may use it to help us display information in the best format for you.

Cookies. Our website uses “cookies.” A cookie is a small text file sent to your browser’s files for our reference. No one else can read this file. Cookies allow our servers to recognize you when you return to the site, so you don’t have to re-register and so we can retain any preferences you may have given us. If you do not wish to receive cookies, most browsers allow you to be alerted when a cookie is sent to your computer, so you can decide whether to accept it.

“Clickstream” Data. During your visit to our site, we may record choices you have made and use this to provide more customized content or advertising. The data does not identify you and is not retained after your visit. This is sometimes called “clickstream” data. If we do market research studies or polls in any area that will only be reported in aggregate, this will be indicated.

How we use your Information

When you do business with us or use our services we may collect three types of personal information:

  • personal,
  • non-personal,
  • and anonymous.

You consent to sharing this information with us so that we may provide you with the information and services that may best meet your needs. We may use and disclose this information in order to:

  • communicate with you in a timely manner (e.g., responding to customer service requests);
  • provide requested information on products or services;
  • connect you to independent licensees to provide goods or services;
  • act as required by Canadian law.

Why we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information for one or both of the following purposes: (i) to provide product, service or any other information you requested, or (ii) to send you information about our products and services and special offers that may be of interest to you.

Links to Third Parties

In some instances, advertisers advertise on our website and you may visit their websites by directly linking to those websites from our website. If you choose to provide personal information when you visit those websites please remember that the privacy provisions that the third party has will govern your relationship with them and our privacy policy will not apply.

Sharing of Information

We never sell or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances, though we may transfer it to our international headquarters since some of the information we may provide you about our products and services and special offers that may be of interest to you are sometimes sent via our international headquarters.

Limitation of Liability

CSN Collision Centres is not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of material on our site. This includes but is not limited to the loss of data or loss of profit, even if CSN Collision Centres was advised of the possibility of such damages.

Control Of Your Information

You always have the option to instruct us not to use your personal information. You may withdraw your consent at any time (subject to legal or contractual obligations and on providing us reasonable notice) by communicating to us at the address below. Please be aware that withdrawing your consent may prevent us from providing you with requested services.

Contact Us

If you have any questions pertaining to your personal information or to inquire about our Licensee and Insurer Data handling policies, you may contact us at the following address:


CSN Collision Centres

1155 North Service Road West, Unit 9

Oakville, ON L6M 3E3


c/o: Jay Hayward

[email protected]


Updated January 17, 2023