CSN Port Coquitlam for Golf at Riverside Secondary School

Riverside Secondary School in Port Coquitlam is a hub for sports participants and enthusiasts, supporting over 300 student-athletes across 40+ teams, covering over 15 sports.

The success of its programs relies largely upon the support it receives from the community. The dedication shown by coaches and supportive parents is appreciated, however, access to the financial resources to participate in these activities differs for all students. 

Recently, CSN Port Coquitlam was presented with an opportunity to assist the school with purchasing uniforms for its golf team. Brian Barazzuol, the team coach, explained in his appeal to CSN Port Coquitlam that he hoped the kids would not only feel like real golfers but also “look like golfers”. 

Brian expressed gratitude on behalf of the 15 players who proudly wear golf attire at various events and tournaments, “The golf zips were met with immense enthusiasm from our students, who were genuinely thrilled to wear them”.  CSN Port Coquitlam wishes the players all the best and looks forward to more partnerships with Riverside Secondary in the future.

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