Member Creds

CSN Network Requirements:

  • Evidence of proper business license.
  • Compliance with all municipal/provincial/federal permits.
  • The provision of a lifetime guarantee on all collision repair work and willingness to incorporate CSN’s Lifetime Warranty Program.
  • Maintain a clean and inviting reception area.
  • Maintain a modern facility with the latest in repair equipment technology.
  • Properly trained staff & certified technicians.
  • Evidence of ongoing commitment to participate in technical training programs.
  • Utilize computerized estimating and/or management systems.
  • Willingness to utilize a 3rd party CSI monitoring provider to ensure excellent customer service is delivered consistently.
  • Demonstrate leadership in local marketplace.
  • Strong progressive relationships with insurance companies.
  • A commitment to actively participate in CSN related functions/events, training programs and industry initiatives.


Other characteristics considered favourable:

  • Strong relationships with employees and community leaders
  • Evidence of ongoing commitment to technical training
  • Strong progressive relations with insurance companies
  • Active in a number of auto collision related associations
  • Participants in a number of approved repair programs
  • Visible location with easy access for customers