CSN Communciation – An Important Branding Message From Marketing

Good Morning CSN Members,

Over the past two years, we have been working full steam on branding CSN with our new logo and messaging. Immediately after the creation of our new brand, we have have requested that all CSN members stop using the old CSN logo and ensure proper co-branding.

This is a friendly reminder that the old CSN logo (the oval or any version of it) and the name “CSN Collision & Glass” no longer exist. They are not to be displayed anywhere, including your co-branded clothing. We are CSN Collision Centres and our logo is in the guidelines below. Please ensure that you are co-branding properly as it will benefit your businesses and your fellow CSN members and partners.

If you are doing any press releases (in the industry or in your market places), please make sure you are co-branding according to the guidelines. Again, we ask that you send your press releases, articles or any marketing materials to us for approval. Also, please make sure that your signage is up to date with the new CSN look before posting any exterior photos and that all clothing is co-branded with the correct CSN logo. If you cannot take photos to meet these guidelines, we have CSN stock photos that you are more than welcome to use, just let us know and we’ll send them your way.

We will continue to work together to ensure that we always look and act unified. If you require any assistance with your branding initiatives please reach out to our marketing department. We are more than happy to help.

Thank you for your cooperation!




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