CSN BEMAC: Completes Starting Rotation with Fifth Facility in Ottawa

CSN Bemac Cyrville becomes the 5th Bemac collision centre in Ottawa

The community in Eastern Ottawa has another quality repairer to boast about as the CSN family expands its footprint with the addition of CSN Bemac Cyrville. Becoming the fifth CSN facility under the Bemac umbrella of CSN locations, which includes, CSN Turpin-Capital, CSN Bemac on Bank, CSN Bemac Merivale  and the original CSN Bemac on Clyde, the Bemac group has solidified its business as an MSO within the CSN network.

The Bemac group’s CSN journey began back in 2006 with their flagship location CSN Bemac. In doing so, they have been able to sustain profits and growth over the last 14 years allowing them to open a fifth Bemac facility to provide the trademark CSN world-class customer service to the community of Eastern Ottawa.

The model that CSN uses to support its licensees permits flexibility in terms of what Owners can do with their business. Viewing the relationship as a partnership is unique to the CSN experience. “What we offer is unlike the other banners in the country. The template we use is based on providing value through our partnerships, allowing Owners the freedom to make their own choices and supporting them with our Sales, Marketing, and Insurance Relations departments.” CSN Vice President of Sales and Marketing Larry French said. “We don’t tell our licensees how to run their business we give them the information and the infrastructure, and they make the business decisions for themselves” said French.

When it comes to collision repair the CSN Bemac name is well-known within the Ottawa community as the original business is now more than 50 years old. Having coverage in all four corners of the Ottawa area, the strategy CSN Bemac has executed is a textbook case of what other operators can do when they have CSN’s industry-leading support. Implementing a strategy that grants their licensees financial flexibility is an advantage CSN operators enjoy. With a dedicated Insurance Relations department CSN locations are given the benefit of strong relationships with insurers across the country. Coupled with a flat, low-cost monthly fee, CSN Collision Centres enjoy valuable cost-certainty.

“Seeing the success, the Bemac group has been able to achieve since joining CSN is amazing. We do our best to help our licensees by supporting their plans and these guys knocked it out of the park.” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Larry French.

About CSN Bemac Cyrville

CSN Bemac Cyrville has been in operation since April 2020 serving the community of Eastern Ottawa. Under the direction of long time CSN Owner-Operators Joe and Danny Frangione, the CSN Bemac family has expanded to its 5th location within the CSN Collision Centres network. With over 50 years of collision repair experience, CSN Bemac Cyrville is one of Ottawa’s best collision and auto body repair facilities.

CSN is proud to have the most vehicle manufacturer (OEM) certifications of any network in Canada.

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