CSN Car Salon in Calgary, Alberta becomes the latest addition to the expanding CSN network of market leading collision centres.

The newest addition to the CSN network is in a class all their own when it comes to the unique menu of services they offer to their customers. CSN Car Salon is not just one of the premier collision repairers in Calgary, they also offer mechanical repairs and tire service, window tinting and graphics, accessories, detailing, and audio services.  

CSN Car Salon Owner, Gary Thomsen, admits that he has not seen another facility that has such a rare compliment of services all at a single location. “We’re definitely exclusive when it comes to the solutions we provide to our customers” Thomsen said. Visitors to the 20,000 square foot facility in the northeast community of Calgary enjoy a comprehensive experience when they visit CSN Car Salon which has helped Thomsen set his business apart from other repairers in the region. “We have a great relationship with a lot of our local dealerships because of the kind of work we do from mechanical to detailing to collision repairs.” Thomsen said. In an industry that is typically focused on specialization it speaks to the expertise, management capability, and teamwork of the CSN Car Salon staff as they successfully manage operations of six distinct automotive services in one location. “It’s a huge advantage for us we are the only one-stop-shop in town, whatever the customer needs we can do it right here.” Thomsen said.

The commitment to diversifying the business comes from a passion Thomsen has for cars. As an enthusiast and veteran of the automotive industry it should come as no surprise that he would want to keep all of the jobs a customer would ever need completed on their vehicle, under one roof. “I just love cars so when we started the business in 1998, we knew it would evolve because it’s what I love to do.” Thomsen said. Success is the driving factor in the expansion of the CSN Car Salon operations that did not include collision repair until 2008. The original business was a mechanical repair facility and as the market conditions changed in Thomsen’s favour, he seized the opportunity to grow into the other areas that are now staples of the CSN Car Salon repair solution. “We have a really strong team which is what gives us the ability to handle multiple aspects of the repair process.” Thomsen said.

With a track record of success and prosperity in every aspect of his business, Thomsen still had the foresight to recognize that market trends indicated there was something missing that CSN is known to provide. “I knew we needed to develop a corporate presence to help us generate new relationships within the industry. With that would come the consistency in terms of establishing and maintaining guidelines to prove to insurers and OEM’s that we always follow protocols and do things the right way.” Thomsen said.

With its latest addition, CSN will continue to provide high-quality collision repair to the northeastern Calgary community for years to come. CSN Car Salon was activated as an official CSN Collision Centre on August 4th, 2020.

About CSN Car Salon
Since 1998, CSN Car Salon has continued its commitment to bringing safety, reliability, and trust to every Canadian vehicle owner using high-quality repair procedures and delivering outstanding customer service. At CSN Car Salon, honesty is the best policy and customers in northeastern Calgary and surrounding community can trust the staff at CSN Car Salon for their expertise on all their collision and auto body repair needs.

CSN is proud to have the most vehicle manufacturer (OEM) certifications of any network in Canada.

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