Father, Mother, and Son Sign with CSN to Bring New Location in Quebec

CSN Collision Centres welcomes a new location in Quebec with CSN Débosselage Demetry. Formerly Retouches Expert, CSN Débosselage Demetry welcomes a new chapter in their history as they join the CSN banner.

Their story starts in 1947 with Jim Demetry Ruptash, Steve Ruptash’s grandfather, who opened Trois-Rivières Auto Body in 1947. In 1975, Hubert Ruptash, Jim’s son, took over the business and began to significantly invest in operational development. A decade later, the autobody shop sees its third generation of management with Steve, in 1986, who continues the family legacy with tireless improvement. The first part of the adventure comes to an end when Steve sold the shop in 1998.

The story doesn’t end here. It seems that automotives and the entrepreneurial spirit runs in the Ruptash family’s bloodline. Jimmy Ruptash, Steve’s son, worked as a salesperson in a car dealership and after 4 years, against all odds, acquired his own dealership, Demetry Auto. In 2017, he met the previous owner of Retouches Expert, who sold his shop to Jimmy, Steve and France Therrien. France, Steve’s wife, has a solid 25 years of experience in business management.

Hence, father, mother and son revived the autobody business that has been in the heart of the Ruptash family, Retouches Expert being the culmination of 4 generations of entrepreneurship and hard work. They spent the past years honing their craft, building loyalty with customers, and finding ways to evolve with the industry. The partnership with CSN is a natural progression as the shop continues to grow, while retaining the same family values and commitment to quality.

To preserve the longstanding heritage and honor the memory of Jim Demetry Ruptash, Retouches Expert was subsequently changed to CSN Débosselage Demetry. The expertise in all things automotive has been passed down generation to generation for 75 years – there is no one else truly more qualified than the Ruptash family when it comes to the business.

With the support of CSN Collision Centres, Jimmy hoped to carry on this great honor with a vigor for growth. “With more than 230 shops across Canada and new arrivals in Quebec, CSN Collision will allow us to combine our forces to optimize our productivity and our customer service. This banner will also give us a better partnership with the Quebec insurance companies,” said Jimmy Ruptash. “Jim was my great-grandfather and started his workshop in 1947. He would be extremely proud to see the work of our team and the direction in which our shop is heading.”

CSN is proud to have the most vehicle manufacturer (OEM) certifications of any network in Canada.

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